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Losing a loved one is hard enough and dealing with the emotional part of making arrangements is even more difficult. The staff at Midwest Funeral Home understands this, and with their experience and understanding can help to make the transition a little less painful.

Times like these are difficult and there are many questions you will need answers for. Many people think that when arranging a funeral, there is only once decision to make, which is choosing a funeral home. But in addition to the funeral home, there are other items to consider:

  • When will the funeral be held?
  • Who will attend?
  • Will the person be buried or cremated?
  • Will the ceremony be religious or secular?
  • Has a burial or memorial site been reserved or paid for?
  • If not, then at which cemetery will the person be memorialized?
  • Will there be a eulogy? Who will deliver it?
  • Who will be the pallbearers, readers and ushers?
  • Who will perform the service?

You may or may not know but most funeral homes are operated independently of cemeteries. Burial, plot and entombment are not included in the cost of a funeral in most cases. Your funeral home director will assist you in making these decisions and is your best source for information.

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Why choose Midwest Funeral Home?

Midwest Funeral Home will save you money when compared to other funeral homes while providing excellent service.

Pre Planning?

Midwest Funeral Home can assist you with funeral services and cremation services from the convenience of your own home. We are very accommodating and will work around your schedule.

Is Cremation a good choice?

Midwest Funeral Home guarantees professional and caring service to you and your loved one while keeping costs down.

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