You Are Not Alone

When you plan ahead, you will be able to consider the many options available. Having the opportunity to make an informed decision about your funeral and cemetery arrangements and the type of memorial you prefer. You will be able to make choices that are meaningful to both you and your family and gain peace of mind knowing your family and friends will be relieved of the emotional and financial burden often associated  when a death occurs. In addition, by pre funding your funeral and cemetery services, a guaranteed price contract will allow you to purchase at today's prices, free from inflationary pressures in the future. Midwest Funeral Home can help you pre-plan and take care of all your needs so you and your family can have peace of mind.

Most importantly, pre-arrangement guarantees that rational decisions can be made ahead of time without the usual emergencies when death takes place.


What will the pre-arranged funeral service cost?


The cost is a matter of your choice. All of your selections and options can be  made by calling one of our caring professionals at 260-496-9600


Funding the pre-arranged service is a choice most people make to ease possible financial pressures on their family. Pre-funding allows you to pay for the funeral service at current prices. As your plan grows over time, it offsets inflation and should provide adequate funds for the future cost of the funeral.

What is Pre-Financing?


Pre-Financing is the act of setting aside funds in funeral trust accounts or funeral insurance products.

Pre-Funding Options


How do you Pre-Pay for a Funeral? You have a choice of two ways to pre-pay for a funeral.

How is Pre-Planning Done?

Midwest Funeral Home staff member will meet with you at a time that is convenient, and assist you in recording your wishes. You choose everything you want for your funeral: the type of funeral service, casket, burial vault, music, and flowers. Important obituary information will be recorded. Once you have made your selections, you will learn the payment options available to you. A record of your selections will be kept on file at the funeral home until needed.

Pre-Payment in Full


The first method is to make payment in full. This will guarantee the price of the funeral and merchandise selected.

Payment Over Time


The second method is to make periodic payments.

Why Plan Ahead?


Planning in advance of need provides peace of mind. The death of a loved one is a time of great loss and advance planning can reduce stress for your family with the knowledge that your pre plan has been completed. This allows your loved ones to devote more time to coping and understanding the loss and less time concerned with funeral arrangements and financial details.

Immediate Need

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Merchandise and Funeral Costs


The Funeral Director at Midwest Funeral Home understands that your personal choices are of the utmost importance. Midwest Funeral Home, Funeral  Director will meet with you to show the quality merchandise, assist you with the selection of the necessary merchandise and help you make the proper arrangements. Through pre-planning the cost of a funeral will be controlled. Merchandise selection during your pre-planning helps insure that you do not exceed what you want to pay. Pre-payment also offsets the risk of rising funeral costs in the future due to inflation.

Help take the burden off your loved ones by taking your end-of-life
decisions in advance, in a calm and thoughtful atmosphere.